Choice Handy Services


Create a simple website to showcase the owner's skills and highlight his most frequently requested tasks.


The client had a good idea what jobs were most popular among his customers so we went through a card sorting exercise to determine the major sections and names for the site's information architecture. I created a basic wireframe of the home page to get us started on design.

wireframe of the home page
card sorting sticky notes organized on a table


Rather than start from scratch, I researched templates and based the site on the blue collar handyman template external link from Envato.

I set up domain registration and webhosting for the client.

screen shot of the Choice Handy Services home page
screen shot of the Choice Handy Services bathroom page


View the Choice Handy Services website external link opens in new window

Beyond the website, I designed the business logo and business cards; created a promo video for YouTube; and set up Instagram external link to show off his work.

Promo Video

Video information is available as a text transcript with visual descriptions below the video player.

Video transcript

ON SCREEN TEXT: Choice Handy Services Presents...

MUSIC: "Satisfaction" (instrumental version) by Benny Benassi

A man working outside uses a manual winch connected to a chain.

A man without a shirt uses a gas tiller to breakup dirt.

A man uses a pneumatic nail gun to attach fence pickets.

A man uses a large, gas-powered auger to drill a hole in the ground.

A man uses a gas-powered aerator on a grassy lawn.

A man uses an electric pole saw to trim small branches.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Choice Handy Services. Serving the greater Austin Area. Call Wes for your handyman needs. 512-522-9696

Business Card

Choice Handy Services Business Card - call Wes Estes 512-520-9696
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About Rachele

IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Professional

I believe in information integrity and accessibility for all through inclusive design principles and I have a wide breadth of knowledge in many areas of web standards and user experience design including HTML, CSS, cross-browser testing, accessibility best practices, information architecture, interaction design, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing.

I earned my Master's Degree in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin School of Information external.

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