C’mon Pizza Hut

All I wanted was a pizza… just one pizza…

So I’m craving pizza and Pizza Hut deep dish comes to mind. Mmm. I should know better by now, but I went to their website on my phone to see if I could order online. That’s when I encountered a new level of BS usability.

screen shot of Pizza Hut website on a mobile phone with the warning ALERT You are in private browsing mode. please switch to normal mode.
Screen shot of pizzahut.com on my phone

Umm, WTF? Why do you need to track me when I want to give you money? I tapped ‘OK’ and seemed to be able to use the site with incognito mode anyway. Didn’t bother to try to order anything though. You want to block me, I block you and support local business by picking up Double Dave’s, which I learned has a tasty deep dish crust too.