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Accessibility Testing

In this video series with supplemental blog articles, I demonstrate how to prepare for an accessibility test by setting up your testing environment and configuring a testing spreadsheet. Then we explore a sample webpage and begin testing a component.

This information is aimed at anyone who wants to better understand accessibility testing.

a hatchet struck in an oak log

Accessible Web

This started as a teaching opportunity, a simple way for developers to understand how important semantic HTML is to the web. It became a utility for stripping out the CSS and JavaScript from the HTML of any URL.

Accessible Web home page with a form field for entering a URL

OpenText IT Accessibility Plan

I’ve worked with OpenText to improve its usability and accessibility practices, learning everything I can about accessibility and becoming the subject matter expert. At the request of management, I created a plan that identifies gaps in training, testing and remediation.

screenshot from axe devtools showing 13 issues

OpenText Support Ticketing Portal Accessibility Audit

I had the humbling opportunity to revisit a site I helped to build years ago on an old JavaScript framework, before I was coding accessibly. I anticipated that despite going through multiple redesigns, the site would have numerous problems especially with keyboard navigation.

a screenshot of the OpenText support ticket page with a grid of opened tickets. Accessibility Audits

I performed the first audit of an OpenText website back in 2015, looking at just WCAG 2.0 Level A success criteria, and there was a lot of work to be done. When I audited the redesign in 2019, it was evident the team has made many improvements and now incorporate accessibility checks for new content.

screenshot of the homepage with a large hero carousel.