Autocomplete accessibility bookmarklet

Drag the autocomplete bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

I created this bookmarklet for testing WCAG success criterion 1.3.5 Identify Input Purpose (AA) which requires that if an input field requests personal information about the user, we must apply the appropriate autocomplete value to the field. For example, an input field requesting the user’s full name would have an attribute of autocomplete="name". This allows the browser to attempt to autofill the input field with previous values entered for the same information. It is very much browser-specific.

Amazon create account form with a Your Name field. The letters R A are entered into the field and autocomplete shows five variations of the name Rachele DiTullio.
Amazon create account screen in Firefox

This bookmarklet checks the webpage for any input fields that contain the autocomplete attribute. If none are found, it returns an alert message.

a alert message that says No input fields with autocomplete attributes found on this page.
Alert message on the Google search page

If autocomplete attributes are found, the script returns the values and displays them in context of the input field.

A form showing five form fields all with autocomplete values defined. signup form with autocomplete values

This makes it easy to determine if input fields have autocomplete attributes defined and if they are valid. Click the bookmarklet again to remove the overlay text.